In this era of globalization, finding trustworthy and responsible partnership is essential.
Such partnership can provide you with resources necessary for integration as well as comprehensive solutions to your problems.
Intercraft Co.,Ltd.,having been working in the hardware manufacturing industry for over 25 years, is a company acquiring such capability and confidence to provide clients all over the world with the service.

We offer you service for Plastic Injection, Phenolic Injection, Turning Parts, Aluminum Extrusion and Zinc die cast. We especially specialize in components like knobs, Pulls, Handles, as well as parts for Machinery, Equipment and Facilities, and Cabinets.
In addition, we offer you services for engineering and manufacturing.
Surely, as for the last step, also the most important one-Quality control and Product Inspection, we protect your idea with the strictest standards.
We will stand beside you along the way from product design to completion.
Please do not hesitate to discuss your ideas with us, so we can help you realize them.

Intercraft Co.,Ltd. undoubtedly is your most valuable resource in the industry, and we will become your best partner, a friend whom you can depend on in the hardware industry.